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Campaign to Restore the Garden at Ashland


Boxwood Blight Strikes Ashland Garden

In 2021, a highly-contagious fungal disease known as BOXWOOD BLIGHT infected the decades-old boxwood bushes in the formal garden at Ashland. As a result, nearly 500 boxwood bushes were removed from the garden at Ashland.

We need your support!

The pandemic put a spotlight on the importance of the safe respite that the garden provided the community. Now it needs your help.

The first phase of the renovation (boxwood removal) was an extremely costly procedure. Additional resources are necessary to continue restoration of the garden and the eventual purchase of new plant material. Additionally, the aging infrastructure is being addressed and refurbished as needed.

For more information on BOXWOOD BLIGHT.

Please refer to the Virginia Boxwood Blight Task Force part of the Virginia Cooperative Extension office:


Dig In!

Help restore the Garden at Ashland

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If you prefer to contribute by check:

P.O. Box 22095, Lexington KY 40522

Garden Club of Lexington is a 501c3 organization

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